Brain Health Tips | Boost your Memory

Healthy Food for Brain
Improve Your Memory & Brain Power

  • Apples: power food for mind, body & emotions
  • Almonds: increase blood flow to the brain
  • Blueberries: improve learning and motor skills
  • Brussels sprouts: has tryptophan which converts to seroten in brain health
  • Broccoli: assists in brain functioning
  • Cabbage: help in lowering risk of brain, lung & prostate cancer
  • Cauliflower: assists in cleansing white matter in brain
  • Ginger: anti inflammatory
  • Lettuce: helps increase blood flow to the brain
  • Pine Nuts: stimulate brain activity
  • Rockmelon: supports the brain
  • Watermelon: targets brain function
  • Walnuts: high in omega 3, boost your memory