Home Remedies for Mouth Freshness

Mouth Freshness Tips
Get Rid of Unpleasant Mouth Fragrance
Are you worried about your unpleasant mouth fragrance and want to have a fresh up breathing when conversing with others?? It is in fact a serious problem which spoils the personality of the effected person and gradually looses his/her self-confidence as well. Besides; this bad fragrance may also become intolerable for the addressed person who, as a result, may also want to get rid of you soon with badly thoughts about no more meeting afterward! So, if unfortunately you have become a victim of this trouble, you must contemplate about its solution.

Causes for Unpleasant Mouth Fragrance

There are several causes for producing this bad smell in which irregular & imbalance diet is the main reason. In addition; bounty use of alcohol, smoking, lake of water in body, gums swelling, teeth cavities, gums suppurate, viral infection are also included as the roots for unpleasant mouth smell; Plenty use of some food ingredients like onion, garlic and protein-full items fish and beef are also its grounds. Also, Breathing problem, intestinal worms, constipation and stomach indigestion are chief reasons for producing it.

Home Made Tips for Mouth Freshness

Lets have a fresh up breathe! Just try now these simple home made remedies and get rid of unpleasant mouth smell!

  • Baking Powder: It is effectual for mouth freshening & prevents mouth from acidic effects of bacteria. Daily Brush your teeth with a little amount of baking powder.
  • Neem Leaves: Take 10-12 Neem leaves. Boil them in a glass of water, filter it & then gargle with it. Neem takes sanitizing properties, so its daily use eliminates unpleasant mouth smell.
  • Guava: Guava has many nutritious components like oxalic, tannic, phosphoric acid, calcium and manganese which magically effect to prevent you not only from this dilemma but also a useful tonic for teeth and gums as well. So take a maximum of this fruit. 
  • Chewing small leaves of guava remove the unpleasant mouth fragrance.
  • Lemon: Take a half lemon. Softly rub it on gums & teeth. It has powerful vitamin C which kills poisonous factors in mouth and makes your teeth & gums stronger.
  • Pineapple Juice: Drinking pineapple juice is a natural cure which magically eliminates the unpleasant mouth smell.
  • Honey: Take a glass of lukewarm water, mix some drops of honey and lemon juice. Now gargle with this mixture and no problem if you take a few sips of this water!
  • Sun Flower Seeds: Chew some sun flower seeds after taking every meal. It is very effective for freshening breathe.