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Best Remedies for Diabetics Patients

The Diabetes is an imbalance blood sugar level in your body and relatively low insulin. This disease is one of the illnesses that can affect metabolism”.
Following natural homemade remedies is best cure for diabetes.

Grape fruit remedy to cure diabetes
§  Grape fruit is a very good when considered in the diet of a diabetic.
§  At least three fruits, three times daily is a very good home diet to cure diabetes.
Diabetes Cure By Tender leaves of the mango tree
§  Take dry tender leaves of the mango tree in the shade, powder and preserve them.
§  Take half a teaspoon of this powder twice a day in the morning and evening proves beneficial.
Diet restriction & light exercise
§  Apart from exercise it is very mandatory to restrict a proper diet plan to control the sugar level or glucose in diabetic patients.
§  Light walking is very much necessary to controls the sugar level.
Good home remedies by Juice of bitter gourd
§  3-4 teaspoons juice of bitter gourd (karela), taken every morning on an empty stomach gives good results in diabetics
Fenugreek seeds remedy to cure diabetes
§  Coarsely powder fenugreek seeds (methi dana) and have 1-2 teaspoon in the early morning every day.
Curry Leaves remedy to cure diabetes
§  Eating 10 fresh fully grown curry leaves (kari patta) every early morning for about 3 months is said to prevent diabetes.
Another Good Remedy Of Fenugreek Seeds
§  Soak 2 teaspoon fenugreek seeds (methi dana) in 1 cup water at night.
§  Drink this water first thing in the morning and preferably eat the seeds too.
Cure diabetes by Homemade juice
§  Take a tablespoon of amla juice, mix it with a cup of fresh bitter gourd (karela ) juice
§  Take this juice daily for two months, this will reduce the blood sugar and control the diabetes.
Easy Guidelines For Diabetic Patients:
1.     Use the following fruits and vegetables sparingly and with caution: banana, seedless grapes (angoor), cheeku, leechi, custard apple (sharifa), dry fruits, mango, raisins (kishmish), potatoes, jackfruit (kathal), carrots (gajar), peas (mattar), beans, sweet potato (shakarkandi), beetroot (chukandar).
2.     Avoid all kind of refined foods. Also ignore sweets prepared in refined.
3.     Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily.
4.     Eat plenty of vegetables like lettuce (salaad patta), tomato and fruits.
5.     Foods rich in fibre should be preferred. Daily intake of calories should be restricted. Use proteins moderately.
6.     Milk & nuts intake to be restricted to the minimum whereas have plenty of curds and buttermilk (chhach).