Beautiful Neck Tips

Remove Neck Freckles and Wrinkles

Home Made Tips for a Smart Neck

Smart, sparkling and a beautiful neck will augment the beauty of your overall persona. Typically ladies pay no attention to their neck while beautifying or making up their face; so the neck gradually becomes getting freckled, and its skin turns into nasty, blackish and unpleasant. If you want to have a soft, gentle and an attractive neck skin, it’s very obligatory to look after it and all those face scrub, moisturizers and masks etc which you apply for your face skin, must also be applied for the neck fortification too. It may also keep balance between your face and neck skin.

To remove neck skin freckles and smarten it, the treatment of home made remedies give magical effects, and bestows your neck a bright and an elegant look. Let’s try these simple home made tips:

Lemon Juice:
Mix turmeric in lemon juice. Apply this paste on your neck. Wash it after 20- 25 min. it will clean your neck and make a balanced color for face and neck skin.

Lassi is the best cleanser for neck skin especially for oily skin. Infuse cotton in Lassi and rub your neck with this cotton. Wash your neck, when it becomes dry; it helps brightening your neck skin.

Green Mints Mask:
Take 1 spoon of fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti). Mix 1 tea spoon of mint powder and 1 table spoon of yogurt. Put a side this paste for half an hour. Then apply this paste on you neck and face skin. When it is about to dry, wash it with lukewarm water then wash with fresh chilly water too.

Mesh 1 tomato. Don’t remove its peels. Mix 10 spoons of fresh milk, and 1 spoon of almond or coconut oil. Prepare a thick paste. First wash your neck; when it becomes dry, apply this paste on it. Then wash it after 20 minutes. It is a magic remedy to beautify your neck skin.

Using salt is beneficial for dead cells removal. Mix a little salt in lemon juice. Apply this paste for 10 to 15 minutes.

Multani Mitti (fuller's Earth):
Take 3 spoons of Multani Mitti. Mix 1 spoon of sandalwood powder and rose water too. Regularly apply this assortment on the neck. It is very beneficial and behaves as an anti-wrinkles mixture for neck skin.

Take 1 cup of rice flour. Mix a little milk and rose water and prepare a thick paste. Now apply it on your neck. When it becomes hard and dry till half an hour, wash your neck with fresh water. It is a good solution for neck wrinkles.

Massage of the Neck:
Flax seeds/Linseed oil massage is very useful for removing neck freckles. Besides; you may apply too the coconut oil for massage before sleep at night. It will provide a deep console to your neck and increases the blood circulation too. Neck skin is very flexible and soft; therefore, it requires an extra care as carelessly and wrongly massage the neck will slack your neck skin which might cause for wrinkles and skin freckles.