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Brain, as you know well, the most chief constituent for a body; so it’s also very important to look after it carefully, thereupon it may become strong, work fine and be nurtured hale and hearty. Usually a lot of tips and remedies are suggested to strengthen your brain, but diverse kinds of exercises are also very advantageous to get rid of brain failing or its weakness. These exercises not only build up your brain but also freshens your body as well; hence, you may look an ever green personality with a healthy mind. I’m sharing with you some simple exercises, using which; you will acquire a strong and a sharp mind:

1. Utilize Your Hand more which is less-Used

This is the simple exercise, correlated to your every day general routine jobs. Try to use that hand with which you are not habitual to work! For example, if you are habitual of doing your customary work with right hand; now try to use left hand to complete them. You may start doing some easy tasks; combing, brushing, writing your name and controlling mouse from left hand etc.

2. Study about New Topics

A research about human brain has revealed this fact, regularly Reading new stuff surely boost your brain skills & mind abilities, especially when hands & eyes will coordinate themselves. It proves a useful tip to fresh up your brain.

3. Work Out For the Sake Of A Healthy Brain

If you want a sharp & a genius mind, you must have to work for it! You should make it fit and healthy by recalling daily happenings and news. Try to augment your brain memory on a daily basis; remember your shopping list or contact numbers etc; besides, you may exploit your intelligence by playing different chess games or some word puzzles etc. try to learn any poem by heart, and then make listen it in front of any others.  It will be a good brain exercise. Furthermore; stop using calculator for simple calculations now! Just try to do them yourself.

4. Fingers Exercise

Fingers exercises develop your brain capabilities as said by the research studies. Your fingers are closest to the brain that’s why they can impact efficiently on your brain; thus you should keep fingers movement when you have a spare time. A simplest fingers exercise is given for you whom you can do any time without any difficulty:

Put a hand’s fingers on the other; hold a pencil between index finger & middle finger. Roll up it between middle and ring fingers after keeping it balance. Then roll it up between little and ring fingers. This exercise is very effective for brain intelligence.

5. Rub Down Your Head

You may strengthen your brain effectively by massaging your head. An easy exercise is also beneficial for brain which is being written here:

Put your both hands in cross-form back to your head in such a way that your thumbs are touching the corners of your neck. Now sit down on a chair, take your head a move back. Keep Forcing on the back with the help of thumbs & index fingers. Breathe deeply through the nose and exclude it out from the mouth. Maintain your body in a relax manner. Do this exercise 3 to 5 minutes. It will make blood circulation better with settle down your neck muscles. Moreover; if you are mentally tensed, you may feel repose after following this simple exercise.