Heat Strokes Preventive Measures

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Heat Strokes Protection Tips
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Heat stroke is the most frequent problem in summer. Typically due to too hot in this weather, our body system become fail to control the temperature as 98.6 degree Fahrenheit; hence it can not capable of keeping balance between the inner temperature and the its surroundings; which becomes the main cause for heat strokes. This disparity can be maintained by a balanced diet and fortunately, we have gifted a lot of nutritious food, fruits & vegetables by nature which can cure efficiently for particular diseases in any situation. Likewise, many natural and home made ingredients may be used to prevent from heat strokes.

Here are discussing some useful nourishing elements which can effectively used to prevent from heat strokes:

Onion keeps plenty amount of sulfur. It protects from fever and making victim of heat strokes. You must take onions in summer in any form like juice or by making salad.
Rub your chest and ears’ back with onion juice; it will quickly eliminate heat strokes effects.

Infuse a few plums in water. When they become soft, take out their pulp and filter it. Drink this water. It helps removing the heat strokes effects.

Fenugreek Leaves:
Soak a few fenugreek leaves in a cup of cold water for few minutes. Now rub them with hands and sieve this water. Mix honey in it and drink it after 2-hrs. It is very effectual to protect from heat strokes.

Lassi is a popular traditional drink which is made from yogurt. It is considered as an effective home made remedy for excessive sweat, vertigo, headache, & heat strokes. Mix some roasted cumin, fresh mints and a little salt in Lassi and drink it. It is energy full drink that prevents from dehydration and heat strokes.

Drink More & More Water:
The main reason for heat strokes is the water scarcity and dehydration in your body. So to avoid them, it is recommended to drink abundant of water. Also take fruits and their juice at maximum as they are full of water.

If you are affected by heat strokes, suck a piece of jaggery; then drink water after 5 minutes. It will bestow a quick comfort and remove heat strokes effect.

Raw Mango:
Raw mango has vitamin B & C which keeps you fresh and hale & hearty for a long time in a hot weather. Boil some raw mangoes. Let them cool down. Now take out their pulp; sieve them and mix some sugar, roasted cumin, black salt, black peppercorn powder, and salt according to taste. Must drink this juice whenever going outside.

Cucumber, Cucumus sativa:
Drink its juice with mixing cumin. It is the best remedy for eliminating the effects of heat strokes.