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Brain, as you know well, the most important organ of your body which must be safe and sound so that your whole body could function properly. Sometimes it happens, that we adopt some bad habits unintentionally that might effect on our brain directly and if those become routine practices, our brain could be seriously damaged. Here I m sharing with you 10 habits that may cause destructive for your brain; if you have any of these, just get rid of it for the sake of your brain protection:

1. Not Taking Breakfast:

People, who are not habitual of taking breakfast, increase their sugar level that is surely harmful for your health; besides, brain is failed to get energy for its growth.

2. Eating Excessively:

Excess of eating produces hurdles in clean blood supply to brain arteries; as a result your brain performance might be effectively weedy. Take less but a nutritious diet.

3. Smoking:

Brain internal veins start shrinking due to abundant smoking and you may be the possible victim of many harmful diseases especially Alzheimer is very injurious in this situation that weakens your memory gradually and steadily!

4. Excessive Usage of Sugar:

Taking sugar excessively might create problems in required energy supply for absorbing the consequent proteins into the brain; that can prove a key cause to weaken your brain functioning.

5. Air Pollution:

Oxygen, as you know well, is important for living things to a great extent, and Brain is the organ which absorbs Oxygen the most among all parts of your body, hence spending more time in polluted environment may be basis for hurdles in required level of oxygen supply to your brain. Awake early in the morning and try to keep your surroundings neat and clean.

6. Late Sleep, Late Awake up:

A good sleep is the best source to provide deep comfort to your body; less doze of slumber can kill your brain cells so sleep early at night for a proficient mind and a fresh awake up in the morning!

7. Covered Face While Sleeping:

It is a detrimental habit as this act may lessen oxygen supply and increase CO2 level which harms your brain destructively.

8. Study While illness:

Don’t do study and extra work while you are not feeling well or you have a fever; it effectively harms your brain performance. Your brain needs additional console in illness and brain cells want relief so don’t lay burden on your mind!

9. Keeping Negative Thoughts:

Just have a good mind with hope and positive thoughts about others. If you want a powerful intelligence, you must get rid of spammed & negative contemplations.

10. Useless Gossips:

Always try to talk for a knowledge full discussion. Share your intellectual ideas that help to grow up your brain abilities. Useless talks and gossips just destruct your brain capabilities.