Beauty Tips | Aspirin Disprin Mask

Beneficial for Face Beauty

Effective for Face Acne and Skin Freckles

Surely you know well about aspirin tablets, commonly used to ease from pain, fever and headache; it can also provide relief in cough, flu, colds and body ache. But do you know, they are also used for healing face acne and evenly beneficial for skin freckles and face beauty! Yes, aspirin tablets are equally helpful for face attractiveness in the form of a home made and easily prepared mask. A latest research has revealed this verity that this less cost tablet not only presents relief in sting but also be magically effective for enhancing the brightness of your face skin with removing black spots, wrinkles and acne from your face.

Basically aspirin is composed of salicylic acid which plays the most important job to soothe in pain and reduce the swelling effects; also, it bestows comfort by opening the closed pores and softens the rough and ruthless skin of your face. 

Effective for Skin diseases:

Disprin mask is very efficient for a skin disease of papulopustular rosacea, in which there are red scratches, acnes and skin freckles become prominent resulting in a rough and harsh skin. Just a 2 weeks regular treatment of disprin mask is very effectual to pick up to the original shining and glowing face skin again. 

Making Disprin Mask:

Take 5 tablets of disprin, and make their powder. Now mix 1 tea spoon of curd and honey as well. Apply this face mask for 10 to 20 minutes; when it becomes dry, soak a towel in lukewarm water and clean your face with it. You will have an incredibly glowing and brightening skin!
Apart from these two, you may also include any moisturizer and Aloe Vera gel to retain the skin wetness. Besides daily cleansing of face skin is also very vital. 


  • Although disprin face mask acts just like a cold cream but it is better not to use it if you are skin allergic patient. In that case, it is better to apply it precautionary on any other part of your body first to observe its side effects.
  • If you have a dry skin or using this mask makes your skin drier, then you will just have to increase the quantity of honey in paste; after that it will be effective in same as for normal skin.
  • For oily skin people, curd quantity may be increased to get good effects quickly.

For Acne:

Disprin mask is also a successful remedy to get rid of skin acnes and wrinkles. Besides, avoiding of junk food, cold drinks and alcohol is obligatory too to shield your face skin health and beauty. According to a popular web, 86% visitors are agreed about disprin mask sound effects to pull through from acne, red marks, swelled skin and black spots.