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Do you like eating this fruit? Mostly people dislike and don’t want to make it, a part of their daily diet. But do you actually know that pumpkin is a much nutritious fruit! Not only used in daily meals, but also commonly used for home made remedies to acquire face beauty. The purpose of this article is basically demonstration of valuable characteristics of pumpkin and revealing upon you some important  health and beauty secrets hidden in pumpkin which surely attract you towards this fruit and later on, you would certainly like to take it for catching those undisclosed.
Pumpkin Health Benefits:

  • Pumpkin consists of beta-carotene, having a lot of nutritious elements inside it. It is often used as a medicine in stomach diseases, eradicates urine irritation and removes harmful gastric and infectious affects inside stomach.

  • If you are feeling unsleeping or drowsy in summer, just massage pumpkin pieces on your foot heels, it will provide a deep comfort. Moreover; Mix pumpkin juice with til oil, and massage your head daily with this also bestows you a profound slumber.

  • Pumpkin seeds comprise of powerful anti-aging anti oxidants, having vitamins E, selenium, and essentials acids which are vital for skin growth.

  • Their seeds contain minerals and vitamins which assist to perk up skin structure with its continuance as a soft and flexible skin. They protect your skin from ultra violet sunrays, smoothen it and protect it from production of dark black skin freckles.

  • Pumpkin having zinc aids to maintain the normal level of collision in human body. Combination of zinc and selenium in pumpkin fights against acne; where as vitamin A can also be found the most in pumpkin which nurture and activates the new cells of human body. Besides, it also helps to repair the damage and broken cells.
  • Pumpkin includes fatty acids which controls the usual fat level and also sustains the moisture level in human body.

Pumpkin Seeds Benefits for Health:

Scientific research reveals that taking Pumpkin seeds as snakes are very effective in excluding kidney stones and all the elements which could help to make stones.
  • They reduce the urine infection and for the excess of urine, they are effectively used.

  • Pumpkin seeds assist to remove parasites, tape & round worms which harm your stomach system.

  • Their seeds have anti viral characteristics, having abundance of calcium, magnesium & zinc strengthening your bones.

  • They contain tryptophan, amino acid that reduces depression and makes your mood happy and calm.

  • They are used commonly in medicines for arthritis disease.

  • Pumpkin seeds are equally beneficial for the beauty of your hairs, nails and skin too by consisting of omega fatty acids and vitamins A & E.
  • They contain such anti oxidants which protect you from breast and prostate cancer.

Effective Home Made Remedies Using Pumpkin

Health Tips:

For Headache: Take 4-5 spoons of fresh pumpkin pulp. Apply this on your forehead just for 15-20 minutes. You will surely feel relaxed in a while.

For Ear Pain: Take 2 tea spoons of milk and mix pumpkins juice in the same quantity. Now, drip 2-3 drops in ear, and put a cotton piece. You will get pain relief after a few seconds.

For Molar Pain: Boil a square piece of pumpkin and 4-5 garlic in a half liter of water. When water remains half, gargle with it 5-7 minutes. It will abolish molar pain.

For Eyes swelling & Reddishness: take some pumpkin peels and let them dry in sunlight. Make their powder after frying in a frying pan. Apply daily morning in your eyes like kohl; it will certainly reduce swelling of your eyes but also eliminates their reddishness and magically increases your eyesight.

For Constipation: Let some pumpkin peels to be dry in room temperature till 2 or 3 days. Then grind and make their powder. Now take one glass of lukewarm water and mix one tea spoon of this powder with honey in the same quantity into this water. Drinking it daily morning proves very effectual for constipation.

For Liver Heat & Jaundice: Take small pieces of pumpkin and one table spoon of tamarind; boil them into 750 gram of water. When it remains 250g, let it become cold, sieve this water, and mix 2-3 spoons of sugar. Use this water till one week. It reduces liver heat and helps for new blood production.

For Kidney Pain: Pumpkin seeds abolish the production of calcium oxalate stones. Take fresh pumpkin pulp; make it warm on dim heat, put it now on effected place for a few minutes, pain will be eliminated gradually.

For Arthritis Pain: An effective remedy for this problem is Daily massaging your joints with pumpkin seeds oil. It will reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Skin Beauty Tips:
Pumpkin Face Mask Recipe: Take 2 tea spoon pumpkin pulp, half spoon of honey, ¼ spoon of thick cream (or half tea spoon of sugar for dry skins), & one tea spoon of apple vinegar (or crane berry juice for oily skins). Mix them very well. Apply this mask to whole face except eyes below & upper parts, with your fingertips for 15 minutes. Later on wash your face with tepid water.

Spice Facial Recipe: Take 2 table spoons of pumpkin, half spoon honey, half spoon milk, and ¼ spoon of cinnamon powder. Make their paste. Now first wash your face with fresh water, and then apply this paste for 15-20 minutes. Wash later with lukewarm water. This facial contains vitamins and enzymes, which make your skin clean, soft and flexible.

Face Scrub: Take 5-6 spoons of pumpkin pulp, 3 table spoons of sugar, and half cup of pumpkin seeds oil. Make a thick paste. Now apply it on your face for 2 to 3 minutes.

Anti aging Mask: Blend some pumpkin piece. Mix yolk of 2 eggs and a little sandal oil. Now apply this paste for 20 minutes. Wash your face with fresh water later.

I’m sure you have been astonished after reading these amazing benefits of pumpkin and definitely made the intention to include this fruit in your daily diet!