Healthy Fasting Tips during Ramadan

Health Tips for Fastening
Solution of common problems during fastening

Heart burn or acidity is a very common problem at this time. During Ramadan acid secretion from stomach is reduced, but smelling of food and craving for food stimulates brain which ultimately stimulates increased acid secretion. For this those who are suffering from previous acidity or peptic ulceration should take different antacid as per advice by the physicians, avoid fatty, oily and spicy meals at sehri, iftar and meals.

Headache is very common problem, especially in first few days of Ramadan. It is due to fasting, change of schedule of normal food habits and less sleep. It can also happen due to dehydration, fluid loss, and inadequate rest. To avoid headache, you have to take adequate rest, drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juice. For severe headache, analgesic like paracetamol or NSAID can be taken. Avoid drinking excessive coffee or tea and smoking along with exposure to sunlight during Ramadan.

Constipation is another common problem during Ramadan. Because of long time fasting, dehydration and less intake of fiber rich food, constipation may occur. For this reason, it is advised to drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juice, fiber rich diet and vegetables during meal, ifter and sehri. In case of severe constipation appropriate laxative may be used as per advice of doctors.