Health Tips for Athletes

The best advises for Human Body 
during Exercise and Sports Activities

  1. If the person exercise jogging or aerobics or train in the gym for a period not exceeding time every day you do not need to worry about feeding program for Exercise and Sport, followers basic rules for a healthy diet that will provide you energy and food required for the exercise of these activities. But if you play sports for more than 90 minutes a day, especially if you participate and compete in sporting events intense, the special diet will help you to provide the best performance and recharge faster later, so offer you following tips essential for Human Body during Exercise and Sports Activities or athletes
  2. For activities that exceed 90 minutes, it is necessary to re-supply carbohydrates, minerals and water during training, where experts advise eating snacks and drinking fluids every 15-20 minutes, Carbohydrates refined sugar or flour implemented quickly into the bloodstream, and nourishes the muscles working. And many athletes prefer food and sports drinks as they are dedicated to them, but fruit or fruit juices also an excellent option. As well as the re-supply of carbohydrates is essential equally strong after training, and since you are not in urgent need of energy, it is best to choose a simple carbohydrates found in whole grain bread, carrot sticks and fresh vegetables are carbohydrates and provides you with many other nutrients.
  3. The milk of the best food to meet the power shortage after the competition, because it provides the amount of balanced protein and carbohydrates, it also contains whey protein and protein casein, and this combination is particularly useful for athletes, where research has shown that whey fast absorption This helps to make up the shortfall quickly after the end of the competition, while casein is slow absorption, and helps in restoring energy in the long term. Milk also contains calcium is known of its importance to maintain strong bones. Although the protein is composed of amino acids, but did not conclusively prove the benefits of taking supplements that contain amino acids, and a lot of protein may cause stress to the kidneys. Instead of taking the supplements, you can count on high-quality protein sources such as meat low in fat and fish, chicken, nuts, eggs and milk.
  4. Carbohydrate intake in abundance is must fuel for athletes, they are transformed into glucose is stored in the form of muscle glycogen or sugar liver (glycogen), and when practiced sport that turns sugar into energy. If you do not exceed a period of 90 minutes training, would be sufficient stock of sugar in the muscles to provide the energy needed so strong in sports. As for participation in a sporting event long, storage the carbohydrates for three or four days before the start of competition helps to fill your sugar supply.
  5. Prepare healthy meal plans to store as much as possible of carbohydrates, experts’ advice that to follow a diet in which carbohydrates are the source of 70% of calories, and focusing on the bread, cereals, pasta, fruits and vegetables.
  6. Avoid eating sugars or starches before the start of competition or any sporting activity at least thirty minutes, because the metabolism of carbohydrates consumed water and this may speed up dehydration.
  7. On the day of competition Mark your last meal before the start of training three or four hours, in order to give your stomach time to empty.
  8. Eat an adequate amount of protein without excessive because protein may not give you enough fuel for power generation, but it is necessary to maintain the muscle tissue.
  9. Based on healthy meal plans, the average person needs to be 2.1 to 4.1 grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day, which is equivalent to 88 grams of protein for a person who weighs 75 kilograms.
  10. Early and frequently fluids are necessary especially in hot weather drought, which reduces the level of rapid performance, may be fatal in extreme cases. So must the athletes who practice sports strong to drink fluids early and frequently without having to wait for thirst, because it may indicate a feeling reaching a critical stage drought. To find out, you should check urine color continuously, Fallon pale yellow means that your body is saturated with fluid, and the bright yellow color or urine dark means that there is a shortage, training is violent causes a lack of fluids quickly, so it is important to drink fluids before and during the competition.
  11. Based on experts advices for athletes of sports endurance, cycling for a long distance, drinking 250-300 grams of fluid every 10-15 minutes during the competition.
  12. Ensure continue supply of salt to the body because sweating cause loss of fluids and salts or electrolytes, and to compensate for the lack of these salts turn a lot of athletes for sports drinks (which are different from energy drinks). If you lose a lot of fluids, experts’ advice resolve these drinks with an equal amount of water to get a balanced mix of fluids and salts.
  13. For competitions long, such as race the marathon, the body begins to burn fat for energy when decreasing inventory carbohydrates, but you can get a proper amount of fat to choose unsaturated fat sources Such as nuts , olive and vegetable oils and fatty fish such as salmon and tuna. Experts recommend avoiding fatty foods on the day of the competition because it may cause stomach upset.