Peels benefits for Health & Beauty | Importance of Peels

Desi Tips | Importance of Fruits and Vegetable Peels
فروٹ اور سبزیوں کے چھلکو ں کے فوائد 

Do you take fruits but just throw away their peels? If you do so, you are definitely in loss. Since in fact; peels are considered to be an equal effective as fruits for a fine health. They have a lot of nutrition constituents, minerals, vitamins, calories, which are crucial parts of your body. Besides; their usage may get rid of many detrimental diseases like high blood pressure, increased level of cholesterol, constipation, and cancer etc. likewise; they have Vitamins A & C which sharpens the eyesight, and make your bones hard and strong. They can effectively impact on your mood, face skin & overall health as well. So you shouldn't throw away peels as it means you are throwing important nutritious ingredients with them.

Pomegranate Peels:

  • Diarrhea:

Take half cup of pomegranate peels. Put deeply into water 30 minutes. When it become spongy; blend them with mixing 1 table spoon cumin, butter milk, and salt. Take 1/4 cup of this mixture 3-4 times. It is a natural medication for diarrhea or dysentery.

  • Skin Beauty:

Make the powder of pomegranate peels; mix them with lemon juice or rose water. Daily apply it as a face pack; it is the best medication for acne & black heads.

  • Cough:

Mix pomegranate peels with ginger & holy basil leaves. Its daily treatment can get rid of cough effectively.

Banana Peels:

Banana is called Golden fruit and very useful for enhancing natural beauty & good health. Their peels are used for allergy, itching, scabies etc. They contain potassium & other important anti oxidants which make your skin, soft, flexible and healthy.

  • For Face Freckles & Acne:

Rub the internal white part of peels to your acne skin. It makes breezy & comforts your skin. Regularly employ makes your skin, fresh & tight, and removes skin freckles.


Orange Peels: 

Its peels contain minerals, salts, proteins, and vitamin C, which shelter your skin from sunlight; strengthen your gums, and make your skin soft & fresh.

  • Cough:

It is very effective for get riding of cough & flu. Take 5g orange peels, boil them in 2g water 15-20 min. add immediately some brown sugar (or honey) & ginger, then drink it.

  • Food Allergy:

If you have fish allergy, take the boiled lukewarm water of fresh orange peels.

  • Unpleasant Mouth Fragrance:

Keeping chew peels of orange is very effectual to take away unpleasant fragrance of mouth. It maintains PH level, freshens your breath and stop producing teeth cavities.

  • Vomiting:

Orange peels are effectual for immediately stopping vomiting & make strong your stomach. Take Boiled water of some fresh peels mixed with ginger.

  • Increase Appetite:

Take Boiled hot water of some peels with mixing herbal or green tea. It effectively increases your appetites.

  • Throat/ Chest Pain:

If you feel pain while breathing, take a glass of fresh orange peels; fill it with warm boiled water. Cover it 10min. then mix some sugar or honey and drink it. It will make comfort to your throat & chest pain. This method is also effective for bronchitis infection.

  • Constipation:

Boil 10-15g fresh peels till 10-15min. drink it daily 2 times a day. It will be effective to get rid of this ailment.

  • For Sensitive Teeth/ Toothache:

If you teeth are very sensitive feeling cold or hot harshly, take daily boiled water of fresh orange peels. Chew a piece of orange peel if feeling toothache.

  • As A Hair Solution:

Applying Orange peels’ juice is a good anti dandruff solution.
For hair cleansing, apply their mixture paste into hairs.

  • Face Beauty:

Deeply mix fresh orange peels into raw milk 1 hour. Make its paste. Applying it daily to your face can brightens & maintains your skin glowing.