How to Eliminate Dark Circles Around Eyes

Tips for Dark Circles

آ نکھو ں کے گرد سیاہ ہلکے ختم کریں 

Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

The dark circles under your eyes badly affect your face beauty, due to which you may have a tired and a sick look on your face. Its general reason might be the augmented production of melamine or because of a slim skin layer beneath eyes hence; blood veins become prominent there. Likewise; a smaller amount of sleep, depression, hypertension, blood deficiency, often tea usage, or even environment may also ground for these circles.


Here are given a few simple tips which prove very beneficial for removing these circles and beautify your face skin; so don’t worry about them and try these simple tips:


Daily Exercise:

Typically inadequate oxygen supply may cause them, so; daily exercise proves very accommodating to overcome its effects. A regular exercise enhances the blood circulation in your body & pumps oxygen to blood veins which help to improve blood flow as well.



Iron supplements are more effective. Use liquid iron; it helps to control the deficiency of iron which could be the possible reason for producing dark circles.



Take at least 7-8 glass of water daily. It excludes all poisons out in your body which might grow dark circles. Daily wash your face in early morning with fresh cold water.  As a result, you will have a glowing skin.


Use Sun Cream:

Protect your eyes from sun rays. It is injurious for your eyes as well as the thin skin layer beneath eyes. Always apply sun cream/ sun-block while going outside.



Daily moisturizer you eyes with fresh & cold cucumber pieces. It is the natural stringent for eyes & shrinks skin tissues as well.


Black Tea:

It has caffeine & tannic acid which shrink the dark prominent veins below eyes. Apply the tea bags after moisturizing as it can make your skin over dry.


Vitamin E:

 Vitamins E are extremely effectual for removing dark circles of eyes.



Mix jasmine oil with lemon juice. Apply it regularly on your eyes at night before slumber.



Daily cleanse almond oil on the circles of eyes. It helps softening them at once.