Strawberry Health & Beauty Benefits

Health & Beauty Tips of Strawberry
صحت اور حسسن سٹرا بیری کے ذریے 

Strawberry is an attractive red-colored fruit which is so nourishing that contains magical effects for your fine health & glowing skin. Strawberry provides you many effectual benefits; eliminates your exhaustion, enhances appetites, strengthens your brain, keeps away urinary problem and many more. All important nutrition elements like foliate, falconoid manganese and vitamins are hidden in this small scarlet fruit; that keep away you from many injurious diseases. Let us have a look over strawberry benefits:


Vitamin C is considered to be very essential to maintain a muscular body & good health. Strawberry contains this vitamins, that resists against cancer & is an effective anti oxidant. An important physiochemical called Cellagic acid is also stored in this diminutive fruit which defends infections and cancer effects in breast, long intestine & lungs.

Skin Freckles:

Strawberry having vitamin C also opposes against skin freckles, with preserving softness and smoothness of your skin. It contains plenty water level which can moisturize your skin, thus you may have an ever green glowing look on your face. Also, strawberry shields you from injurious ultraviolet sun rays.

Loss Weight:

Strawberry contains natural nutritious constituents which protects from constipation; sustains the sugar & cholesterol level. It is full of water which can assist you losing weight above the standard level.

Eyes Protection:

Daily taking 3-4 strawberries defends from weak eyesight. Its anti oxidants’ assets protect you cataract disease.  Moreover; vitamin C strengthens cornea and makes retina stronger; besides shelters eyes from sunlight.


In Pregnancy:

Strawberry is the best source to get Vitamin B, required for pregnant women. 

Heart Attack & cholesterol:

Strawberry is full of pectin fiber, accommodating to reduce cholesterol level. In addition, it can diminish the hazard of heart attack 32%; expends blood arteries and defends from many heart ailments.