Wear Jewellery According to Your Face

Make A Proper Selection For Jewellery Designs!
Beauty Tips

Surely you love jewellery! Every woman must keep a keen interest for wearing exclusive styles’ jewellery designs correlated to daily life events. Consequently; we glimpse much versatility in jewellery designs & designers always strive to innovate exclusive & stylish colored outlines with inventive stuff according to ladies’ mood and choice; as a result, their jewellery designs can bestow upon a woman an intact diverse pretty look. Well, it depends on your own preference and taste, what jewellery design you opt for you; however one more thing is that, each design or jewellery style doesn’t suits on every face. It’s your face shape too, which plays an important role to make a right choice for your jewellery selection.


Correct Jewellery Choice

Every woman keeps a separate shape of her face. Proper choice for jewellery design may definitely bestow her face a more appealing & attractive look. Accordingly, you must have to keep in mind your face shape while jewellery selection. It will not only boost your face beauty but groom your personality as well.


Different Shapes of Human Face

There are seven types of human face:


1. Square Face:

Women, who keep square face, should select such kind of jewellery designs which can furnish their face a little round-shape. Rounded chandelier type, or water-drop like lynching earrings are seeing more appealing. Use long ‘T’ styled, or pretty-pendants’ necklace; it beautify your face additionally. Never use multi-corner or forked-type earrings.


2. Round Face:

Round face is as equally long in its width as in height. Pick such jewellery designs which can craft your face a bit long & neck may seem long & fine-looking. Use thin & long earrings; they show your face as less rounded. Besides; you may choose long, squared, rectangle-cutting style earrings. Small classic fashion of beads-connected ear-tops appears more stunning. Don’t pick short, scarf type ribbons; instead, wear T styled or long stoned necklaces.


3. Oval Face:

It is considered an ideal model face; on which each jewellery design emerge gorgeous. Therefore women, having oval face can wear any variety of jewellery design. Triangle or star-shaped earrings enhance their prettiness, making their hair style high-flying and eyes make up as well. Long or short scarf typed necklace; both may give an eye-catching impression.


4. Heart Face:

Heart-faced women have wider forehead, little and fork-pinned chin; so they should make the use of geometrical shaped i.e.: rounded, triangle or oval shaped earrings which have narrow-top and wide-bottom. Don’t wear heart-shaped earrings. Wear 2 or 3 threaded necklace; it smartens your neck and beautify and face well.


5. Diamond Face:

It is a bit alike to heart-shaped face, so earrings should be worn which are wider from bottom & you may choose the same type of necklace as of heart face.


6   6. Long Face:

Round or square shaped flowers type earrings are more appealing & attractive for long face. Don’t wear long, slim hanging shaped earrings which exceed in length from chin.


      7. Rectangle Face:

This kind of face is longer than wider. So in order to abridge the length, you should use round button-shaped or water-drop shaped ear-tops. Oval or curly shaped earrings can appear elegant too.